The Contactor Spooky Motion At A Distance

Want to see something neat? This is Scott Dunphy’s Contactor, Spooky Motion At A Distance. The game’s got some really neat features! The expedition has already failed once — they got to their intended colony, only to find it dead, with evidence that its inhabitants came from somewhere else! Does that mean that a Rectifier will follow them, only to find no evidence of their having been there but their Bridges?

Scott told me about this in the course of discussing a Human Contact story repository. I started working on a wiki a while back but abandoned it because I couldn’t get my chosen wiki to not be a pain in the ass. I’ve since messed around with a couple more wikis but would love help getting one working well.

6 thoughts on “The Contactor Spooky Motion At A Distance”

  1. Very, very interesting!

    My issue with other wikis are that I’ve had to choose between ease of design and ease of front-end use. Dokuwiki has a terrible system of links but a lucid template system but Mediawiki is the other way around.

    Tell me more about your wiki!

  2. What do you find hard to use in a wiki?
    We incorporated a rich text editor that lets you play with embedding images, fonts, layouts and such.

    It’s all pretty experimental though.. made for academic purposes and to prove a point, but I would love to evolve it to support storygames.

    The main feature is that it is a metawiki.. you can create new templates, features and widgets (in javascript) from within the wiki itself. We used it to create IAWA oracles, dice rollers, chats, sticky notes etc..

  3. If you are interested in this sort of things we can have a look together later next week. I am flying from Milan to Boulder middle of next week, so I am kind of busy before that.

    Myself I would love to undersand how to support storygames better.

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