Kodrek: Now in a Volume Near You

I’m very pleased to say that all Kodrek sets have now been sent! Some folks may have already gotten them.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about peoples’ games — video some and show me! — and how they house rule the game. It’s designed with some deliberate flexibility and commentary on what taking advantage of each piece of flexibility does.

Thank you, Human Contact backers, for encouraging me to finish this game. I’m really thinking about publishing it for real now.

2 thoughts on “Kodrek: Now in a Volume Near You”

  1. Finally played with some peeps at my FLGS. Game went 5 rounds. Still not 100% certain we played right, but it was more right than when I was playing by myself- I realized I was calling it done when a player’s Speaker was out of bounds, rather than their Craft- that explains why my games were ending so quickly.

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