Beowulf Errata

Hey, folks, if you have questions or want to point out errors in the Beowulf ashcan, please bring them over at the Beowulf errata thread in the Xenoglyph forum. I look forward to hearing back from all the enthusiastic folks who purchased it at Gen Con and before.

I’ve got a couple of copies left. If you want a copy before they’re gone, you should order one quick!

Order Beowulf (sold out.)

13 thoughts on “Beowulf Errata”

    1. Sorry, man! The ashcan edition was extremely limited — only 50 copies — and I never got the feedback I needed to make it into the thing I needed it to be.

      That said, I’ve been getting questions about it, and I’m starting to think about shining it up well for proper production. It’s not on the publication schedule yet, though.

  1. Hi, Joshua!

    I know this is coming like an eternity later, but is there any news on this? I’m scanning the internet, trying to find this game of yours!

    I would even be interested in buying only the Oracles in some form (as I understand, you used Vincent Baker’s “Anthology System” from “In a Wicked Age”)

    Of course, I’d be interested in buying the full game as well!

    Thanks for any news!

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