Someone Else Shocks the Monkey

Jono DiCarlo, playing Shock:

Jono DiCarlo, the owner of one of the most interesting jobs in the world just wrote a review of Shock: for’s Sci-Fi week and reposted it over on his blog.

Synopsis: he loves it. From the review:

My closing thought is this: because a game of Shock is built around real-world issues that you care about, your game is going to be a little deeper than just entertainment — it’s going to be a story that’s about something… In Shock, I think we might finally have an RPG that does what the best written SF does — help us learn to cope with the rapid social and technological changes occurring in the modern world.

He mentions the confusing text in his review, of course. Another reviewer said that he wished that he’d seen the Compilation of Tips, Clarifications, and Explanations put up by intrepid Shocker Mattijs Holter, so I offer it here for anyone who may need it.

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