Not as bad as I thought!

Indie RPG Awards

I’d been stupid busy when the Indie RPG awards were actually going out at Gen Con this year, so while I was really happy for the winners, I wasn’t paying that close attention to the standings. It turns out, though, that Shock: was pretty far up there: 6th runner up behind Meg Baker’s 1001 Nights, Fred Hicks’ Don’t Rest Your Head,  Jared Sorensen’s Lacuna Part 1, Chat Underkoffler’s Zorcerer of Zo, and Luke Crane’s Burning Empires. Those are all games I’m happy to lose to! In fact, there were few of the 44 entries that I’m not proud to stand beside.

Thanks, John Kim, for running the awards. You’re clearly doing your job well, if those are the games I’m losing to!

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