Be Boba Fett. Don’t Be Dengar.

Boba Fett Pwning Dengar

You know how cool Boba Fett is? And while we’re at it, Bossk? And, well, maybe IG-88 and Zuckuss? And you know how not cool Dengar and Greedo are?

Well, in the interest of my fans being the awesomest (and not the shot-in-the-cantinaest), I’m offering a bounty. Some, like Thor and Eric, have already turned in some heads and will be suitably rewarded.

Here’s what you can do.

Find me errors in Shock: that no one’s found before. You can track the found errors in the Shock: Errata thread on Xenoglyph and over on the glyphpress forum on The Forge. You have to own the book to gain your bounty hunter certification.

If I use your error report in the next version of Shock: you will be sent a copy of the next version of the game signed with thanks for the valuable service you have provided.

Errors that are valid for hunting and execution:

  • Typos (good lord, I don’t think there are any)
  • Rules inconsistencies and artifacts from early drafts
  • Inclarity
  • Incorrect references

These are all subject to my judgement, particularly the “rules inconsistencies” bit. But you’ll get gold for your head if it’s what I’m after.

No disintegrations.

15 thoughts on “Be Boba Fett. Don’t Be Dengar.”

  1. Also, missing words/wrong syntax, page 25, continuing the above, “your job will be describe where you are normally and what you’re doing”. “Your job will be describe” is… incorrect.

  2. Page 38, first non-bold paragraph, “…Protagonist will be confronting the hir Story Goal”, “the” is useless.

    By the by, do I get something for obtaining numerous heads? I may want to turn them in for playtests if possible 😛

  3. Page 44, second paragraph, “Within moments, the others had noticed, and soon every unit member staring at the brawl”.

    Between Member and Staring, you’re missing something, like “Was”.

    Still only scan-reading.

  4. Joshua –

    the errata thread at Xenoglyph is closed. Do you want to re-open it, or use this blog?

    Which of course means that once this little procedural snafu is cleared up, I’ll be all about collecting my bounty, yo!

    (Dibs on Bossk! Wookie hunting rocks!)

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