Mobile Frame Zero: Alpha Bandit 0.3


Well, I hope we can all forgive and forget the pacing monstrosity that was 0.2!

In 0.3, you will find:

  • A much smaller number of tactical assets on the table at once. That should reduce the time of play down to more :RA-like duration.
  • Boarding rules that fit more tightly with the general techniques of the game and make boarding less of a sure thing.
  • Rules for high maneuverability are moved to small (<4 system) ships, rather than double green. Double green might still be worthwhile, though.

The rule about A-range weapons damaging boarding companies makes sense, but might wind up being too costly. This is a playtest problem to solve, though; it has to do with how it moves around player motivations.

Download Mobile Frame Zero Alpha Bandit playtest 0.3

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