19 thoughts on “Mobile Frame Zero 002: Intercept Orbit final PDF”

  1. So amazingly awesome. I wish I were ready to play. Still getting my legos prepped to roll this one out with my gaming group. I expected to have pieces to make my frames by now, but… oh well, soon.

  2. Heard about MF0 from another poster known as mantisking a month or two before you did the kickstarter for it. It looked like a lot of fun so I pledged. Totally glad I did the game is great so I backed the kickstarter for intercept orbit. Love it too.

  3. Ready to hand over my dollars for the print book….any idea whens it will be available in the store??

    1. Hi, Chad! I only sell my games through stores that I have a particular relationship with. It’ll likely be available online in the next few weeks, though, once PAX East is over.

      If you want to see it in your local store, have them give me a shout! You can get me at joshua at glyphpress or on Twitter @JoshuaACNewman.

  4. Hi Joshua,

    Never saw the print version pop up as available for purchase on the glyphpress online store. Any chance there will be an opportunity to buy the printed version of Intercept Orbit somewhere? Would love to have a copy to put next to my Mobile Frame Zero printed rulebook.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Joshua,

    Just checking in again on the Intercept Orbit’s print version availability for purchase. I know you have a lot of irons in the fire, but do you think there is any chance the the printed version of Intercept Orbit will be available to purchase somewhere? Still kickin’ myself for not getting in on the Kickstarter ;-P

    1. WooHoo!!! I see you have it up now on the site for sale. Nice!

      I know what I’m buying next payday!

      Thanks Joshua.

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