Captain Azouli

It took a long time for Captain Azouli to confirm that this ship was here. Now she maybe wishes she wasn’t.

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The Phoban Pilot Craft, Koreshbâd

The pilot craft Koreshbâd, captained by Goresh Demetriou, is one of hundreds hovering over and around Phobos, waiting to catch hurled containers from the asteroid belt or Lunar orbit.

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Captain Radish Saumet’s Spacesuit

We’ve seen Radish Saumet’s spacecraft, Happy Delivery, before! Her spacecraft doesn’t have much of an aesthetic (except for the spraypainted Jolly Roger on the side) because it’s so modular; Radish swaps parts as needed, keeping the ISp and thrust as high as she can afford.

Her spacesuit, on the other hand, is another matter. Over time, she’s swapped dozens of parts in and out to match her tiny frame and her habits. Barring repairs, though, it’s remained the way it is for the last couple of years. Continue reading “Captain Radish Saumet’s Spacesuit”