Mobile Frame Zero 002: Intercept Orbit draft 0.10.0

Missing a couple of illustrations, but otherwise the book is done! Download, play it, and enjoy it!

Mobile Frame Zero 002: Intercept Orbit draft 0.10.0 (link removed due to obsolescence)

Final illustrations will be coming soon, and from there, we go to press!

2 thoughts on “Mobile Frame Zero 002: Intercept Orbit draft 0.10.0”

  1. Notes on clarity from someone who has not played an actual game:

    Page 24. Does the ship with 2 defense systems count as being in cover because it is “a ship within PD range”, or is it providing cover effect to other ships only? If shots would hit cover in this kind of effect, do they hit the dual defense ship, or do they diffuse harmlessly due to countermeasures? Also, cover reference is on page 34, not 36.

    Page 30. Proceed with tie means the winner of the coin toss is the primary attacker? So the decision is whether to remove a TA and be secondary, or be primary with no TA advantage?

    Page 35. In example 2, I see the two turns, but it looks like it only moved 3. In fig 1, move move turn. In fig 2, move turn. Do the turns take up one speed point? It is unclear, as turns only involve a nominal forward movement.

    Page 37: Company repair example is out of place in the movement section. Also references defense system twice, omits movement system.

    Page 43. Companies defending a ship also take damage on dice rolls, right? If player A is helping player B defend a ship against player C, does player C get to allocate damage dice between players A and B? A captured carrier can continually refuel an occupying company, preventing the carrier from reverting to the original owner for a long period?

    Page 44. Do captured companies give points to the capturing player?

    Page 78. Specify range for weapons on Samar.

    1. Thanks!
      Page 24: It does, in fact, take hits as though in cover. It does not take the extra hits that would have caused damage, whoever it’s covering. That would be terrible! So they diffuse harmlessly. Page references were all off, and are now fixed. Thanks!

      Page 30: That’s correct.

      Page 35: Look at that! Thanks! In reality, the ship has made two maneuvers: one to starboard, another to port.

      Page 37: Doublekill!

      Page 43: Yes. Yes. Carriers are quite the hot commodity.

      44: No, but they prevent their opponents from rescuing them and getting back their own points. Mobile frames are cheap, after all.

      78: Got it! Thanks

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