An Akum from Far Away

The “akum” are the “huge birds, toothy of maw” that live far to the north of the center of the world, ridden by nomadic warrior tribes. This one is distinct, though: it has a beak like the toothless birds, but has fingers like the akum. She’s wild, and about the size of a modern horse. The akum-rider tribes might see these as unnameable, but I bet there are a people who considers them prize mounts.

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Eshud-Numash, Bearer of the Last Tusk of Grandmother Thunder

Eshud-Numash is carrying the Last Tusk of Grandmother Thunder, the ancestor of his people’s herd of Lumu, (which we know as stegatetrabelodon). The tusk will be: Old (Grandmother Thunder lived to 180 years. There have been two generations of the Lumu herd since then); Mighty (It’s a tusk. It’s also wielded as a weapon); Known to All (It has been carried by the scion of Eshud for centuries, as their badge of office); and Generous (From the open end of the tusk issues water, if it would save a life).

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Alternator is an RPG inspired by the parts of Altered Carbon that are about economic inequality and queerness (that is, the last three episodes of the Netflix series).

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Escaping The Habitats of Our Own Making: an interview with Simon Roy

Simon Roy’s new comic, Habitat, is, in the best way, horrifying. It connects the greatest taboo among most human cultures — cannibalism — with the sort of quotidian oppression that humans have lived with throughout most of our existence.

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Corvosapien Physical Sophontology

Corvosapiens (or, as they call themselves, “people”) have a rich and varied physical culture. However, because of their greater mobility than earthbound humans, aesthetic principles and philosophical structures often spread more quickly than they did when primates were the custodians of the civilization meme.

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Speculative Organs

Back to experiments in xenophysiology!

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The USN Orbital Interceptor IS-9 Raven (Crow Crap)

When the USSR launched its first piloted orbital nuclear warhead into orbit in 1959, the United States responded by electing Richard M. Nixon to his first term as President. Nixon buoyed by the fear of existential crisis, boosted the United States’ military space program to orbit and left President Goldwater with a legacy of programs he would need to meet the Soviets face-to-face on the Moon — and to contend for Mars.

It's literally the cheapest spacecraft the United States Department of the Navy could build.
The I-9, designed to be used by conscripted American pilots to intercept Soviet spacecraft. It’s intensely dangerous.

Now, in 1979, the night sky is filled with glittering necklaces of warheads, satellites, and orbital interceptors. Dangerous and unreliable, these craft are crewed by conscripted, coerced undesirables from both the Soviet Union and the United States.

The IS-9 Raven, known as the Crow Crap by those who have to handle it, is an orbital interceptor based on Boeing’s Dyna-Soar return vehicle. This production model is designed to destroy Soviet satellites and orbital interceptors. In practice, it’s also used to ferry American saboteurs to Soviet spacecraft.

But American and Soviet conscripts might find they have more in common with each other than with the nations of Earth that have ejected them from the cradle of humanity.

This is one of my early concept sketches for Fate Space. I’m having a ball working on these settings with the Evil Hatters and look forward to presenting you with the complete work! You’ll see more as the project takes shape!

Lover of Jet & Gold: Roleplaying Bad Ideas as a Universal Law

While preparing for PAX East this year, I decided that, instead of worrying about trivialities like the location of the cash box or repairing the banners that were damaged from travel, I’d finally write down this RPG that I’d been working on and publish it.

So I present to you here, thanks to my Patreon patrons, the roleplaying game that inspired the story, Lover of Jet & Gold.

I’m giving it away here, so If you like it, please back xenoglyph!

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The Mobile Frame Zero 002: Alpha Bandit Kickstarter is live!

Alpha Bandit Metatopia 2013 playtest cover

Thanks to playtesters, Mobile Frame Zero 002: Alpha Bandit is now live! As I write this, we’re a little over an hour into the project and backers have pledged $1,721, which is a very strong start!

The Inquiry of the Image Here Please

And thus begins my career pirate blogging from Joshua’s blog.