Life Really Is Too Good


This Belongs in Mondo 2000

“In the emerging digital culture, the Axio will allow composers, perfomers, musicans, artists of all kinds, the expression that will be needed in the various new media.”

Something’s In The Air. Might Be Cordite And Gasoline.


TV is so much better than it used to be.

Solar Eclipse from Lunar Orbit

(Sorry about the wonky video format and lack of controllers. Hang in there. It’ll come.)

Under Construction

You may be noticing some strangeness on my blog today. The strangenesses are many, not the least of which is the comments page, which doesn’t seem to work. Please feel free to email me if you have something you want to say. If you want it on the blog, I’ll post it as you when I get things worked out.

Edit: Hooray for me! It all works now!

A Tribute to My Readers

Monkeys Fucking

Every so often, I go check my web user logs. It tells me when someone’s written an article about one of my games, or when someone’s asking around RPGnet or the Forge with rules questions, “Sell Me” threads, or whatever.

It also tells me what Google searches people are doing. I get a lot for “glyphpress joshua” and “under the bed glyphpress” and “science fiction game joshua”. These are obviously people looking for my games.

But then, then there are the other searches. The accidental hits. And you’d think they’d be all over the place. But they’re not. They fall into two categories.

The first category is simple enough: people looking for a variety of things that contain the word “monkey”. Fair enough. Lots of “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. The occasional “Monkey Wedding”.

The second category — really, a subcategory — is Monkey Fucking. I don’t even see where I’m linked on that page. But every day someone clicks through from MSN doing a search for Monkey Fucking. Sometimes, several people. And they’re different people. Ohio, South Africa, Germany…

Now, what’s not strange to me is that people are looking for pictures of monkey fucking. It is, by virtue of its “perfect storm” of elements, the funniest possible thing to see.

What boggles me is that they click through. They set off in search of pictures of copulating tailed primates and wind up here at this humble weblog. It’s a marvel.

We truly live in the future.

Collecting Myself

I have a lot to talk about from GenCon, but I was only home for two days before having to take off again, and my computer’s been fuxx0rd, so hold on and I’ll get back to posting in a day or two!

The place to find shocking things under the bed.

I’m finally getting this weblog running. It’s a weblog about design for the most part, and because many of my friends will care, it is sometimes about my life.

The design I’m talking about is largely game design, but also graphic design and sometimes probably even industrial design. Everything you see that someone made? Someone designed that. Every brick, every book cover, car handle. Every word was placed by someone in that book, every rule was considered. That’s what I want to talk about.
Please feel free to comment. If you’ve never commented here before, I’ll have to OK you to make sure you’re not spam.