The Skyrays of Olumai (a study in composition)

Gribus, Ghiaren, and Tiauuaithe alien artist/art/spaceship/pilot that carries them — are approaching the liminal planet of Olumai, trying to find the psychic beacon that calls to them. They descend through a herd of flying creatures.

The Winking Tempest descends through a herd of skyrays, enormous flying creatures that swim through the thick atmosphere of Olumai, filter feeding through the microbe-rich atmosphere of the planet. The Winking Tempest is already a house-sized machine with another house-sized monument embedded into its upper surface. The skyrays are far larger.

This drawing has been really difficult for me and it shows. I have such a deep love of anatomical and technical studies that breaking out into a volume of narrative has become a really underdeveloped skill. You’ll see more awkward stumbling from me in the future as I try to get ahold of these basic drawing skills!

This is an illustration for the current chapter of the Eyes Wide to the Stars fiction that I’m writing to get ahold of the story loop of the kind of fiction I want it to be so I can (re)write the roleplaying game of the same name.

When a tribe in the Fifth World has a particularly effective, prosocial technology, how to they ensure other tribes can do it, too?

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