The Winking Tempest approaches Olumai

Gribus, Ghiarren, and their sapient trailblazer starcraft the Winking Tempest approach Olumai and the mysterious sentience that has shown an interest in them.

A vibrant, pink spacecraft enters from the right, coasting over the top of the enormous flying creatures still many kilometers below.
The Winking Tempest descends far above the flock of gargantuan Deltas

Flocks of hundreds of these air whales circle the moss planet of Olumai, filter feeding from the atmosphere. They are born flying, first tumbling into the vortices of the wingtips as tiny fry, then gaining full flight as they thrive in the dynamic microclimate stirred by the passing of their vast parents. They then join the triangular flock in its perpetual circumnavigation.

Much of Earth’s megafauna is gone in The Fifth World. I wonder what flying creatures remain — and which can capture the niches vacated by birds?

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