Dream Daddies

Dreamed Earth was invaded by strange 7′ tall beings with huge gorilla-like arms supporting atrophied bodies that dangled between their shoulders, long toes acting as hands that clutched yellow protein-globes and shoved them into the grotesque facial features sunken into their torsos.

They proceeded to disarm every nation, announcing to humanity that “you have lost access to the privilege and the duty of waging war”.

—Dave Michalak

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These “invaders” are from one such conversation, coming from Dave’s somnambulant imagination. We have a lot like this.

I feel like these guys are future humans. They’re tetrapods, they speak in language, they are made of protein. They even keep their arms in a human scrotum. They’re not coming back to take away Earth’s capability to war. They’ve come back to inform Earth of the fact

This isn’t the first time Dave’s imagination has given me aliens to draw! He also dreamed these Columnar Weirdoforms into a description for me back in 2016!

Much of Earth’s megafauna is gone in The Fifth World. I wonder what flying creatures remain — and which can capture the niches vacated by birds?

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