Belo Mutasu

Belo Mutasu has all the contacts they need to allow them to fence, valuable stolen items, and so, they do. They aren’t a thief themself, of course. That wouldn’t be ethical. Their people don’t really have a solid concept of ownership, but they recognize that some other peoples believe that, if they are holding something and put it down, everyone will understand if the “owner” resorts to violence if someone else picks it up.

Related to the Quud? If so, the Quud exist in two incompatible universes!

So, ethically, they have to wait until someone else picks it up. And then Belo can exchange it for something else, and then exchange that for something else, until finally they have a three-string Göburr in hand, or a Pampam, or a coveted Buchla. With their eight arms, they could probably play all of them at once.

Then they meet with their friends to play Mbezhik together.

The Fifth World centers community effects in its resolution. I would love for Shock:2 to be able to adapt to that kind of world.

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