Get Back to Frog

The street finds its own uses for things.

Pinterest has gone from being a decent image search engine to being an incredibly good image search engine — and, in the process, has attempted to seize permanent, sole possession of every image on the Web. So, while it’s good when you need to find an image, it’s awful if you need to use an image.

So let’s find some images! This game is called Get Back to Frog. Here’s how you play it.

How to Play

The game is coöperative, takes 10-30 minutes to play, and you can play with 1-5 players, though maybe more, as long as you can all see the screen and can easily talk with each other.

  1. Declare a target image from your imagination like “A frog on a plate” Or “Surfing donkey”.
  2. Open up Pinterest.
  3. You may not go back or do any searches.
  4. Come to an agreement about which image is closest to the one you want to find, then click that image.
  5. Repeat until you have found your target image!
  6. If you click an ad, you lose! Hand the screen to another player so they get a chance.

Notes and Advice

  • Beware of dragons! People love to draw dragons. Once you’re in a dragon hole, it’s hard to get out. Dragons breed dragons!
  • Sometimes you remember where you went wrong and have to get back to frog to get going in the right direction. Finding your way back to where you went wrong is like 75% of the game!
  • Freely pass control of the screen or mouse to other players. Sometimes one of you is on fire with seeing connections, or sometimes they’re frustrated and want someone else to have the responsibility.
  • This game is great to play in bed with a sweetheart. My partner and I spontaneously invented it while trying to get back to a picture of a frog we’d seen earlier.
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