The Sunken

Among the creatures described in the Monsters chapter that the backers of The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze and the xenophiliacs received last night were The Sunken. But that page was unillustrated, with just a placeholder where it went.

The children of Labiasam are seen by few and survived by fewer. The hero upon the bow of this failing vessel seems unlikely to be to become one of them.
What are heroes like in The Fifth World? Absent sedentary, agrarian life, how do their culture heroes demonstrate the values of their society?
The idea that our musical instruments and music would survive millennia into the future is kind of ridiculous. I doubt the Fifth Worlders would know what an ehr-hu was; or, if they do, I’m certain that it’s not much like our contemporary one, as the available materials and tastes have changed a lot since the 21st century.

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