Free Explorer Wanderer

The Wanderer is a craft owned and operated by Captain Tali Att as they ply Wild Space, looking for new hyperspace routes and alien artifacts.

A vibrantly-colored, semi truck-sized spacecraft.

The sole remaining human-built part of the ship is its subluminal redshift engine; all other parts were abandoned when Captain Att had a dream summoning them to the planet known at the time only by its coördinates —coördinates that, in the end, proved wrong. When she followed the dreams, though, she discovered the ruined hull of a millennia-forgotten spacecraft unable to loft itself from the rocks that had accreted around it.

Incoming µShock:

The Wanderer is just a small piece of an upcoming µShock: game called Wild Space (it will be available to my Patreons!) I’ve been batting around, stemming from an idea I had on my way to Camp Nerdly’s Virginia forest location, playstormed with Tim Rodriguez, Scott Price, and an unaccompanied minor, then wrung out more with Bryce Taylor in the New Hampshire forest.

The setting is one where humans have spread out over our region of the galaxy, placing Earth in the realm of myth. There are many humanoid civilizations, but the thing they all hold in common is that they produce outlaws.

And when you leave civilization, you find yourself in the regions of space formerly occupied by the previous denizens of the Milky Way Galaxy. Those Ancients have left knowledge, ruins, and technologies behind that you can trade to the civilized — or the uncivilized that live within civilization. Or you can use it, yourself.

You play those outlaws, dabbling in the psychic powers, the ancient secrets, the forbidden and forgotten spaceways on a ship of human and Ancient technologies fused together.

I’m worried that it won’t fit into my usual “tiny folding square” format like Alternator, Refugee Angel, and Megatropolis do, but I’m gonna give it a shot. If parts have to be left on the cutting room floor or have their own, separate µShock: releases, that’s fine!

Join my Patreon to get the µShock:s as they’re released, helping me stay above $340 so I have enough Shock: material to dive straight into Shock:2 as soon as The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze is out the door!

I bet Fifth Worlders have this kind of religious experience, assuming the abundance of mushrooms where they migrate.

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