The Filter Feeding Aerial Pentaform of Ashlesa 5.2

Ashlesa 5.2 has a rich set of near-isolated ecosystems. Among the few entities that can cross the vast deserts of the planet are the flying Pentaforms, of which explorers have identified two species.

Where the other is an aerial predator, this one is a filter feeder, a solitary flyer.

Like its more aggressive cousin, this grazing species absorbs positive ions in the upper atmosphere, then discharges them close to the ground in order to electrolyze water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen. It then uses hydrogen to keep the creature aloft by filling its envelops and to recombine with oxygen to produce thrust with small rocket jets positioned around its pentagonal body.

In addition to the small rockets around its center of mass, this species also has long “feathers” that it uses both to adjust its attitude and to filter the clouds of microbes that exist in many places on the planet. Structures in the feathers begin the digestive process and move the microbes toward the central organs, where digestion finishes.

Ashlesa isn’t as beautiful as The Fifth World is.

The only Solarpunk RPG I've ever seen.

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