Lover of Jet & Gold: Roleplaying Bad Ideas as a Universal Law

While preparing for PAX East this year, I decided that, instead of worrying about trivialities like the location of the cash box or repairing the banners that were damaged from travel, I’d finally write down this RPG that I’d been working on and publish it.

So I present to you here, thanks to my Patreon patrons, the roleplaying game that inspired the story, Lover of Jet & Gold.

I’m giving it away here, so If you like it, please back xenoglyph!

Lover-of-Jet-&-Gold-Web-BannerDownload Lover of Jet & Gold

The game will be available in print shortly as part of a bundle of nanogames curated by Epidiah Ravachol. I’m really happy about that collection of stunningly good, densely-designed games. I’ll make sure to let you know via Twitter when it’s available.

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