Good Morning Cyboys and Cybergirls!


Augmented reality promises to become the greatest, and perhaps most intellectually perilous, information technology ever.

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  1. Yeah, I figured I’d seen at least one or two of those here before.

    Hm… actually, what about this:
    Spy #1 finds a location with signs or other public text around, and keys in the message to be encrypted, using the PUBLIC TEXT as they encryption key. Passes on the GPS coords and vector to Spy #2, who comes by some time later, views the same public text through their device- and gets the decrypted message.

    This has possibilities…

  2. firstly, go ahead and laugh and make noises and all that, but I think I just decrypted the Voynich. secondly, it was written, not as a code for something, but a straight ahead compilation containing facts, illustrations, some directions, places, descriptions in a chronical mode. Nothing to do but get my mind in cultural gear. I was looking at some very old Italian writing and I saw so many familiar things they had then and so on that we never knew existed (perhaps because of extinction or places or climate: many things) The writing is quite stylized, but not cryptographic. As a matter of note, scribes and writers had their own ways of making letters, their own ways of identifying who they were by how they did their writings. (Japanese kanji is much like that so much so that it is its own calligraphic art). Culturally people back then saw literally very different from what we do today. It s kind of like asking an African tribesman who has never seen a window to explain one. Things just plain looked different. About the writing. I tried out a few stylized letters and symbols and found they did indeed have an Old Italian base. (No one could understand my own mother’s writing because her cursive lettering was quite like the lettering in the Voynich. My sister and I were the only ones who could. I looked at the Voynich writing and uttered “My mother?”.
    I’m still working on it since I’m kind of slow and its quite a lot to go through. I’m also not the scholar I thought I once was; I would barely be able to survive in Paris.
    solving problems by using my guts instead of my brain. I’m not so ashamed of that. and I’m a card carrying Social Security retiree. Have fun.

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