Oh, and I’m getting married.


(In case anyone doesn’t know, I’m getting married this coming weekend. It’s delayed my Shock: plans for a couple of weeks so I can do the illustrations discussed below. But priorities are straight here. If you’ve pre-ordered the game, I’m sorry for holding onto your money. I promise I haven’t spent it on tequila and whores like I did with my Under the Bed money.)

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  1. Who knows! When I’m done with Shock: my big plan is to not design games for a little while and just play. We’ll see how long I can keep my willpower up. My guess is, not long.

    Cuz, see, I’ve got Absinthe and Coming To You Live in the back of my head, wanting to get out. But maybe I’ll find myself writing a game about family relationships. I’ve wanted to do a game in Renaissance Italy for a while now…

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