Mechaton dudes revealed!

Over at Vincent’s blog, there’s been a lot of talk about Mechaton, a superfun mecha fighting game. You build your guys, say what all the parts do, then take strategic objectives while smashing each others’ guys, leaving Lego body parts strewn across the table. It’s the best such game I’ve ever played. Strategy’s very important, as is tactics, and luck has just the right effect on things.

Here is the army I like to use the most. There’s one more guy than I can use, and I decide at game time what I want the loadout to be.

This guy’s all defense. He’s got 2 Reds at Long range in the form of a recoilless rifle on his back and a pair of smashin’ guns for 2 Reds at Direct range on his arms.

The same guy. You can see the Glaug influence.

This is Shiva. One Green for bird legs, ECM and carbon chassis for stealth (2 Blues), lasers for kick you ass at Direct range.

This is Scout. 2 Yellows for the sensors, a Blue for ECM, two Green for running on all fours, and a Green d8 for not having ranged weapons. Sometimes, he gets Big Missiles. I couldn’t find the missile rack, so none are shown.

These are the Fuchikoma built to fight as a single, revolting mass. They’ve got two Reds at HtH, a Yellow for their sensor dome, a Blue for being little, and a Green d8 for not having ranged weapons. Their optional Green for having four legs is left behind so they get another initiative die.

One of them, alone.

The game will be on sale at GenCon Indy. I was going to sell kits, but it’s a huge amount of work. I’d have to have a huge demand up front to put that energy in. Nonetheless, you should totally buy the game and play it. I’ve had more fun with this game than all the time I’ve spent playing Warhammer and Battletech combined.

11 thoughts on “Mechaton dudes revealed!”

  1. Hi,

    Your mechs look awesome. Is there anyway you could include the parts list for the Shiva mech?

    I love that black galaug look. Days later, the image sticks in my mind.

    1. I don’t have a parts list, sorry! But I took the photo so you could see pretty much how everything was built.

      The only piece that might be non-obvious is the “pneumatic T” piece of which there are two: those grey hip joints. Those pieces are fiercely useful.

  2. nice.
    im kinda a purist as far as mechs go(mechwarrior4)
    i only have two-legged mechs, since bird-legged ones are hard to make
    i have eight two-legged mechs, but little know-ledge of the mechaton rules.
    perhaps, someone could post the rules, or at least post a link

    (demilitarized q)

  3. no, i dont.
    ill try to borrow a camera somehow

    i made a mechaton-esque game but w/o the thing about the multicolored dice (i dont have multicolored dice)
    and im 3 games into a campaign against my imaginary friend

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