I Need to Know Quick: Does Saying “Fart” Count as Wit?

For reasons unclear to me, the rockin’ podcast The Gamestas wants to interview me. Last week, they had Keith Senkowski, so I’m kinda hoping he’s still around to throw the fucking totem at.
They’ve had Jared Sorensen, Luke Crane, and Ron Edwards on. I don’t know how I got on this guest list, but I’ll take it!
The show’s recording tomorrow eve. I don’t know when it’ll hit the streets, but I’ll let you know. My guess is, you won’t want to. It’ll just be 25 minutes of me making armpit fart noises*.

* Actually, I can’t make armpit fart noises.

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  1. You know, Calvin and Hobbs is my model for all sorts of public behavior, so probably.

    There’s this game — maybe you’ve heard of it — called Jungle Speed. The object of the game seems to be knocking, throwing, and threatening the Totem — a piece of game ephemera — around the room.

    I was led to believe that you enjoyed this game. But maybe I’m thinking of Keith Senwowski or Keith Senpowski.

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