Checkin’ in at the Gem

Wild Bill Gets It.

I’m watching Deadwood right now. I’ve been watching for almost three hours. I can’t stop. It’s a terrible problem.

Calamity Jane is fantastic. Probably my favorite character. I want to see her let loose sometime soon — she sure fucking needs it. And you know what’s neat? Knowing a certain amount of the history doesn’t decrease my enjoyment; knowing how things (at least certain things) turn out adds tension. Let’s consider that as a model for fiction games, shall we, cocksuckers?

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  1. I fucking love that show.

    If only the Torrent for season 3 hadn’t died at 97.9%….

    And those fuckers at the local cables stopped after the first half of The Boy Who Heard the Stones, or whatever that episode was called. And what about fucking part two?


  2. I’m glad you’re fuckin’ loving that fuckin’ show, ya cocksucker (I mean that in the kindest way.)

    One of my favorite things about Deadwood is the fuckin’ language.

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